ZB Token

The price ZB Token today is 0.153543 USD, and the trading volume in 24 hours - 0 USD. The crypto asset has grown by 7.12% over the day. Currently, the coin’s market capitalization is 71,134,754 USD, and has 463,288,810 coins in circulation with the max supply of 500,000,000 coins ZB.

What is a ZB Token (ZB)?

The ZB token is the proprietary cryptocurrency of ZeroBank, a Vietnamese company founded in 2018 with the goal of creating a replacement for currency exchange between international banking institutions. The ZB token acts as a third-party intermediary between fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies, which allows you to freely buy goods and services in several countries.

ZB tokens were first developed for use in the ZeroBank system for easy exchange and transfer of value. With an internet connection and a smartphone, users can complete transactions with just a few taps, which is much faster and easier than the current banking system allows, where a similar transaction will take longer to process and will likely require additional channels and costs.

Since ZB tokens help eliminate cumbersome banking intermediaries, users are freed from the restrictions associated with using large banks, in particular accessibility. Transactions with ZeroBank can be executed quickly, in a peer-to-peer network, and each transaction is completed without traditional banking delays. ZB tokens are themselves a viable asset and are available for trading on multiple exchanges.

What is the uniqueness of the ZB Token?

Unlike other systems that use blockchain-based transactions but still rely on banks or money transfer operators, ZeroBank provides users with a simple process for exchanging ZB tokens, or exchanging cryptocurrencies for real money. This happens directly and instantly between individuals, and the transaction can be completed without a long wait for bank approval.

By completely eliminating the presence of banks between transactions, the user gets rid of the dependence on the local availability of banks for exchanging money. All this is easily done in the ZeroBank system with the same (even higher) level of security.

ZB tokens are also used for trading not only with other token holders, but also on reputable cryptocurrency trading platforms such as BINANCE, HOUBI, OKEX, IDAX, and XSTAR, among others.

ZeroBank's users and agency networks are expected to expand rapidly. Along with the growth in the number of transactions, this development naturally increases the value of the system.

How many ZB Tokens (ZB) are in circulation?

As of February 2021, there were 463,288,810 ZB tokens in circulation, with no maximum supply. 

How is the ZB Token (ZB) protected?

ZB Token (ZB) is a proprietary cryptocurrency of the cryptocurrency exchange (ZeroBank). - this is an international top-level domain, in which well-known businesses invest, it is legal and secure. provides trading services for blockchain assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin to clients around the world.


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