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Dex-Trade is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange launched in December 2018 in Estonia. Dex-Trade positions itself as a cryptocurrency trading platform that has low fees. The exchange offers a variety of trading tools to help traders manage different scenarios. 

The goal of Dex-Trade is to provide a safe, reliable and stable environment for trading cryptocurrencies.

Dex-Trade has an exchange license from the Estonian authorities, and has established itself as a reliable and convenient platform. It uses the latest security tools and has a user-friendly interface with analytical tools.

Trading Characteristics

In addition to a wide variety of trading pairs, Dex-Trade improves cryptocurrency trading with round-the-clock online support and fast transactions. All these advantages have made the platform one of the most popular exchanges in Europe.

This trading platform does not explicitly state that US investors are prohibited from trading. Accordingly, American investors can trade on the exchange.

Mobile Support

Most people prefer to trade cryptocurrency through a computer. But also many people do it through their smartphones or tablets. If you are one of these people, you will be happy to know that the Dex-Trade trading platform provides the ability to use a mobile app for Android (and soon for iPhone).

Dex-Trade fees 

  • Trading fees

Dex-Trade charges the takers 0.20% commission. Manufacturers, however, pay only half of this amount: 0.10%. These fees are certainly acceptable and in line with industry averages.

  • Withdrawal fee

Many exchanges have low trading fees, but you will be amazed at their high withdrawal fees when you exit. Dex-Trade charges only 0.0001 BTC for BTC withdrawals. The industry average BTC withdrawal fee is 0.000812 BTC for each withdrawal, and Dex-Trade charges only 12% of this amount.

  • Deposit methods

This exchange accepts bank transfers in fiat currency. But only if you deposit USD. This means that you cannot deposit rubles, euros, pounds sterling, or any other fiat currency other than the US dollar. 

The crypto exchange positions itself as an "entry-level exchange", which allows non-experienced crypto traders to take their first steps in the cryptocurrency space. However, the use of credit cards for deposits is not possible.


As already mentioned, Dex-Trade is a licensed cryptocurrency exchange, and has experience in using the most complete range of security measures for both the safety of crypto assets and risk control. 


  • To own your crypto assets, you need to manage your own private keys.
  • Ledger hardware wallets make private key management easy and secure.
  • Each unique 24-word recovery phrase creates a new set of private keys.
  • Make sure you secure your 24-word recovery phrase properly.