About us
Coinmarketrate.com is a rating agency and a free instrument for the crypto community aimed to provide the unique data and the adaptive and captivating interaction between users. This helps to increase the quality of information content regarding cryptocurrencies due to reducing the amount of time spent on the analysis, simplifying the social analysis and providing a better picture of the market. 
We apply integrated algorithms of machine learning for evaluating cryptos and exchanges in various aspects of their efficiency. These complex algorithms are our unique instruments that take into account various parameters such as crypto volatility index. New cryptocurrencies, exchanges, brokers appear every day. We provide the analysis and the outlook for their prices to reflect the dynamics and the volatility of the market.
Our vision is that cryptos and blockchain technologies are inseparable, and will become an important part of business and the exchange of values.
Coinmarketrate.com was founded with the only mission to help users to get acquainted with the high quality relevant content of the crypto market. As regards the media content, we aim to teach our readers to stay critical and open-minded towards any unaudited ambitious statements by providing them a full picture.
We are the company that specializes in data on crypto assets and provides the professional API interfaces of market data to crypto investors and exchanges. We offer products and services that enable traders, investors and fintech-Apps and exchanges to get access to fair and precise data.

Our mission
Our mission is to develop a decentralized financial system by making it accessible and clear for investors who are guided by the relevant data.
We create new helpful concepts and welcome new changes. We also minimize the complexity and find time to simplify things. We reconsider issues to find solutions.

We think strategically and make decisions based on long-term vision defining our desirable goals and work in their direction.

We place our mission and our clients above all else and are always open to searching for the best ideas.

We are honest, transparent and apolitical, treating people with respect regardless of their status.
We have adjusted our evaluation methods to make the rating transparent and open. We believe that with your active participance, we will manage to make the crypto market even more attractive for investors. We are always waiting for your feedback as it helps us to constantly evolve.
Information given on this website is of a general nature and does not represent a financial advice. Coinmarketrate.com does not recommend and will not ever recommend any pf the cryptocurrencies. None of the information on this website represent a purchase, selling or storage offer including the advertisement, ICO and coins description