Bitcoin Price Soars, Injective and KangaMoon Maintain Bullish Momentum

Investors are always on a quest to be early adopters of a crypto project, as that is where exponential gains are made. Given this, the KangaMoon (KANG) project is the perfect opportunity to be an early investor in one of the best meme coins projected for massive rallies in the year. Meanwhile, Bitcoin’s (BTC) price […]

Bitcoin price rejects at $53K as futures open interest hits a 2-year high

Bitcoin price rallied to a new 2024 high at $53,019 on Feb. 20, before abruptly selling off to $50,000 on some exchanges. Traders are citing consistent spot BTC ETF inflows and the upcoming supply halving event as major factors behind the price move, and at the time of publishing, BTC price trades above $52,100.  

Bitcoin vs. Central Banks: What Investors are Betting on in a period of Uncertainty

In the world of finance, the clash between bitcoin and central banks has become a key aspect during periods of economic uncertainty. Investors are assessing the risks and opportunities of both sides, trying to understand how cryptocurrency and traditional financial institutions can coexist in the future. Let’s look at what investors are betting on during […]