What is SOLVE (SOLVE)?

Solve.Care is the first and most powerful blockchain platform for network decentralized applications, launched in 2017, and which is transforming healthcare.

Care.Protocol is what reveals the capabilities of the platform and the SOLVE token for use by enterprises. Anyone, anywhere, can access the blockchain to easily create health care networks.

The Solve task.Care - revolutionize the healthcare system. An important part of the advance of the Solve mission.Care in the revolutionary transformation of the healthcare system is the introduction of the SOLVE token to simplify payments. 

To make healthcare as accessible as possible for everyone, it is important that SOLVE is easily accessible even for those who do not have much experience with digital currency. SOLVE wants to simplify and democratize healthcare so that patients, no matter where they are, can easily use SOLVE to pay for medical services. 

Using Care.Protocol, on the Solve platform.Care makes it possible to quickly and economically create much more Care Network networks. And the SOLVE token will be used for all transactions. 

Solve.Care is developing a relationship-oriented approach to healthcare coordination, administration, and integrity that is changing the way health care models and systems are designed and operated.

Who created SOLVE (SOLVE)?

CEO Solve.Care Pradeep Goel, and the main developer Raj Kushavaha are the creators of the project.

What is unique about SOLVE (SOLVE)?

The Solve platform.Care for Healthcare uses blockchain in a unique way to create value for all participants in the delivery cycle - patients, doctors, laboratories, pharmacies, benefit administrators, risk managers and government agencies. 

Solve.Care opens a new era of decentralized digital networks, allowing anyone to define and publish decentralized applications that are interoperable, secure and personalized.

Using Care.Protocol, the user can create powerful and complete decentralized networks without programming. The project represents exceptional flexibility, allowing you to create Care.Card for the day, Care.Journey in a week and a full multi-party Care network in a month. All complex work is done in the background. This is a turning point for how healthcare will be available, managed, evaluated and paid for in the future.

How many SOLVE tokens are in circulation?

With the maximum offer of $ {total_supply} tokens SOLVE, 482,324,963 SOLVE is in circulation. 

At the moment, the asset value is 0.044874 USD, with a daily trading volume of 680,260 USD, and a market capitalization of 21,643,850 USD.

How is the Solve.Care network protected?

The SOLVE token is an ERC20 Ethereum token, and the network is protected by the Proof of Work (PoW) consensus algorithm.


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