What is WaykiChain (WICC)?

WaykiChain (WICC) is a public block chain engaged in the development of blockchain technology and related operations. WaykiChain positions itself as an infrastructure based on Ethereum, with the aim of triggering the collective growth of various industries by presenting a corporate solution for this.

Determined to create a world-class decentralized platform and ecosystem, WaykiChain launched the first DApp for predicting games based on smart contracts in May 2018 with an installation volume of more than 130,000, a WICC token registered on more than 100 exchanges.

The WaykiChain ecosystem development system is managed and jointly developed by three parties: WaykiChain core developers, open source community developers, and business developers. In a decentralized system, the WaykiChain team will provide technical standards and incentives for community participation to ensure that the entire ecosystem as a whole moves forward. 

Based on the basic public chain, plug-ins and smart contracts, business developers can effectively develop applications and create their own brands with the credit confirmation of the blockchain.

WaykiChain plans to create an Academy of Technological Research to gather a group of outstanding developers with faith in a decentralized blockchain. WaykiChain will provide basic technology support and standards. Academy developers can freely communicate, learn from each other and jointly develop a fully decentralized community.

Who created WaykiChain (WICC)?

Wayki Sun, founder and director of WaykiChain. His team is specialized in the creation of the blockchain industry and application development, currently consisting of almost 70 people, with the main participants from world-famous companies such as Alibaba, Tencent, Morgan Stanley and Intel.

Currently, the WaykiChain technical team is focused on the development of public networks. WaykiChain will provide developers with a friendly environment with a sufficient number of development templates and interfaces. In addition, the WaykiChain team plans to participate in the WICC as a reward for those developers who have made an important contribution to the community. 

What is the uniqueness of WaykiChain (WICC)? 

WaykiChain is a smart contract platform that supports Turing devices. These smart contracts can help in a variety of real-world applications, including copyright issues, decentralized exchanges, and asset issues. It applies the DPOS consensus mechanism, configures 11 voting nodes and generates a new block every 10 seconds. According to the detailed calculation of the WaykiChain team, currently the confirmed transaction speed can reach 1000+ transactions per second.

WaykiChain is committed to creating a basic technology platform that truly integrates a blockchain application and a real business. Together with the development of WaykiChain, it will gradually turn into a large ecosystem with fully decentralized operations and will bring the convenience of the blockchain to every user.

How many WaykiChain Tokens (WICC) are in circulation?

If the maximum offer is missing, there is - 210,000,000 of WICC tokens in circulation.

At the moment, its cost is - 0.089697 USD, with a daily trading volume - 335,752 USD and a market capitalization - 18,836,370 USD.

How is the WaykiChain network protected?

WaykiChain uses the Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) consensus algorithm, which is the most adaptive consensus mechanism for developing and operating applications on the network, and provides excellent security.

The block is sequentially generated by 11 registry nodes. A new block will be generated on WaykiChain every 10 seconds. Verified by the operation of the main WaykiChain network, the transaction confirmation speed can reach 1000+ transactions per second.


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