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BigOne is an exchange registered in Singapore but operating from China.

It is one of the safest and most convenient cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, which was launched in November 2017. The CEO is Eric Meltzer.

BigOne CEO Meltzer is also an adviser to InBlockChain, as is Xiaolai Li, an entrepreneur who is considered Bitcoin's most bogled-owner. This strengthens their security profile given the financial stability of the funders exchanges, even though BigOne is a start-up.

The BigOne Global Exchange has made a good start and has become a favourite of traders thanks to wide access to coins, including recently released tokens and trading pairs, not to mention complex trading tools, including interactive graphs. When users have passed the highest level of two-factor authentication, they should have no problem withdrawing funds from the exchange.

They also held a zero-fee promotional promotion that lasted until the end of 2017 to attract new users, which helps it compete with companies such as Robinhood, whose trading the platform does not charge an exchange fee. 

Trade Characteristics

BigOne supports many trading pairs, and quite often adds new options. In short, they offer dozens of trading pairs with the following currencies: BTC ETH EOS QTUM USDT BITCNY. They also support many individual coins, which are listed by the market capitalization of coins. 

Although BigOne is a Bitcoin fork-friendly trading platform, each fork-coin undergoes a rigorous licensing process. If all goes well with the hard fork in question, users subsequently charge forked coins. 

BigOne is unique for several reasons, not least because it has its own cryptocurrency BigOne, which is traded on the Coin Market Cap under the symbol BIG, and its circulation is limited to 200 by millions. BigOne undertakes to buy back tokens in the secondary market using a percentage of the trading fee.

An exchange with high-tech graphics and trading tools, including interactive graphics, are top-notch compared to most other crypto exchanges. On social media, users advertise the exchange as a great and reliable platform.

BigOne has a mobile app available for both Android and iOS devices. In addition to the mobile app, BigOne also offers an API via GitHub for developers. The API supports BigOnes' trading capabilities in other applications. He has been assigned to GitHub from the first quarter of 2018, but there are no listed projects or stages yet.

Although there is not much information on the BigOne API, it can be gleaned from its predecessor, Yunbi. Yunbi was twofold: public API and private API. The public API did not require verification, while the private version required signature. It was available to individuals and merchants.

BigOne Fees

BigOne trading fees (0.10% for manufacturers and recipients) are pretty low. They are half of what you'll pay on Bittrex, and equal the fees charged by Binance (unless you use BNB, in which case Binance only charges 0.05%). BigOne has had free trading shares in the past, but since this was the case only in the early weeks of the exchange, don't expect this to happen again any time soon.

BigOne accepts deposits only in cryptocurrencies. As a result, you cannot transfer from a current account, credit or debit card, making it less competitive compared to an exchange such as Coinbase, which allows you to conduct transactions with current account and debit card. While BigOne charges a deposit fee of 0% and a flat trading fee of 0.1%, their withdrawals fee is high.


BigOne claims to be the safest cryptocurrency exchange, although there is not so much historical data to support this claim yet. But they explain why security is so important to them, as well as some of the steps they take to keep user accounts safe. 

While BigOne's management team did not attract much attention, they explained that their motivation to launch BigOne was due to security breaches that plagued cryptocurrency trading platforms. BigOne boasts what they call a robust infrastructure and high-end trading experience based on speed, availability and secure cryptocurrency management. In its short trading history, there is no evidence that BigOne has been subjected to any security breaches.


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