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ExMarkets is a centralized exchange founded by Tadas Kasputis, launched in 2018 in Lithuania, that offers trading of a wide range of digital assets. The exchange is a very popular platform for initial exchange offerings (IEO).

ExMarkets is owned and operated by Chain Framework Ltd., a company registered in an offshore area in the British Virgin Islands, which does not have a special regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies, but allows you to register organizations engaged in investment activities in a broad sense.

Estonia's financial regulators have granted ExMarkets two licenses that allow it to operate as a crypto-fiat gateway and provide custodian services. All indications are that ExMarkets operates within the law and transparently, although its founding members may understandably wish to maintain a certain degree of confidentiality.

ExMarkets monitors the market share of existing investors and users who have already purchased their BTC, ETH, or USDT. The ExMarkets community of traders already has more than 200,000 people.

Trading Characteristics

ExMarkets has a significant amount of web traffic. Although its liquidity is not evaluated by CoinMarketRate, its volume is large, which is confirmed by traffic indicators.

There are over 100 trading pairs, mostly in cryptocurrencies, but both BTC and ETH can be directly traded with the euro (EUR), which is the only fiat currency that can be deposited directly. 

ExMarkets supports euro deposits only through SEPA transfers, not bank transfers. The other popular pairs on ExMarkets are based on stablecoins based on US dollars. However, you can also find DASH, LTC, OMG, and XLM, as well as a number of rare altcoins.

ExMarkets offers a fast and intuitive interface. A trading overview is available for each proposed trading pair. ExMarkets offers typical trading features such as an order book, setup tools for viewing and streaming recent trades, and switches between different base currencies.

ExMarkets contains a well-documented API in Postman. You can use the API to get market data and account information, as well as to place orders.

In addition to the current offer, ExMarkets offers several new features, namely social trading, as well as a bot for market signals. 

The platform is available via the Internet and an Android mobile app in English, Chinese, Indonesian, Russian, and Vietnamese.

ExMarkets fees

ExMarkets ' trading fees are well below the industry average. The exchange uses a fixed-fee structure that makes no distinction between market makers and buyers. Limit orders and market orders carry a fee starting from 0.12%. 

Trading fees for small-cap companies are even lower - 0.10%.

Deposits and withdrawals are absolutely free. In general, ExMarkets ' fees are very competitive. With a larger amount, the fee will be even lower, but no information is provided on this issue.


ExMarkets regularly comments on security measures in its social media and AMA accounts. Although security is not much discussed on its website, there is a real-time service status page. 

Logging in to ExMarkets is set to PIN-protected with email by default, and 2FA is available via SMS and Google Authenticator, which is mandatory for withdrawals.


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  • Ledger hardware wallets make private key management easy and secure.
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