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NovaDAX is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange launched in October 2018 in Brazil, and is supported by the Abakus Group. Thus, NovaDAX can serve investors of all levels, including professionals.

Abakus Group has developed solutions for diversified markets using advanced technologies. Its expertise in big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning enables the group to accelerate transformation and improve efficiency in the financial and technology industries. Among the three main components of the group: Abakus Tech, Abakus Retail and Wecash Global, the group has more than 160 million users and is present in several countries on four continents.

Since its founding in Brazil in 2018, NovaDAX has become one of the largest digital asset trading platforms in the country, according to CoinMarketCap. It stands out as the company with the largest number of altcoin pairs to trade in the Brazilian market and advanced trading tools.

The exchange fully complies with all applicable regulations of Brazil and the European Union. NovaDAX is also a member of the Brazilian Association of Crypto Economics and co-author of the Code of Self-regulation of the Brazilian crypto industry.

NovaDax offers users the ability to deposit and withdraw Brazil's fiat currency, the BRL, making the exchange unique in the country. The exchange has developed and grown rapidly over the past 2 years with a lot of UX / UI changes.

Trading Characteristics

NovaDAX is an exchange market between cryptocurrencies and fiat that offers its customers ease and comfort due to the simplicity of its functions. The tools of this platform are well managed, and become available to the user after registering on the platform. With a simple and user-friendly interface, the platform makes it easy to start trading for novice traders and for professionals, such as over-the-counter services. It offers 105 trading pairs and various trading opportunities in the form of integrated internationally recognized advanced tools that can help the trader:

  • Security and maneuverability

Fast and efficient trading with the best use of security technologies.

  • Bottrex

Bottrex running exclusively in the cloud. Thus, the user does not need to leave the computer running to perform operations, let alone install any software. All you need is a mobile phone or a browser with Internet access to automate operations.

  • Vector

Vector is a product of Vertex Technologies, a partner of which is Nelogica. With Vector, the user can analyze various market indicators, as well as trade all the cryptocurrencies available on NovaDAX.

  • Open APIs

The API was developed for all stakeholders who want to work on the platform in automatic mode.


The NovaDax exchange has its own mobile application available for Android and iOS devices, and also offers its users OTC markets and referral programs.

NovaDax fees

Deposit fee

There is no deposit, and the minimum deposit is 50 reais.

Fee for trading:

Manufacturer 0.7%;

Taker 0.7%

Withdrawal fee

BTC - 0,001

ETH - 0,005

XRP - 10

XLM - 10


NovaDax has a reputation as an exchange that is quite serious about security issues. It uses such types of protection as:

Login Security:

  • ReCAPTCHA Google
  • Google Authenticator
  • Text message warning about suspicious login
  • Multiple logins are not allowed for fraud prevention purposes

Output Security

  • Requires Level 2 verification (crypt)
  • Google Authenticator
  • Checking with CPF / CNPJ
  • Email Notification

Asset security

  • 99% of cryptocurrencies are stored in a" cold wallet " with multiple signatures (offline).
  • Detailed information about orders completed by email
  • VQF License-Supervision of Compliance with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Terrorist Financing Requirements

  • To own your crypto assets, you need to manage your own private keys.
  • Ledger hardware wallets make private key management easy and secure.
  • Each unique 24-word recovery phrase creates a new set of private keys.
  • Make sure you secure your 24-word recovery phrase properly.