Analyst Predicts Potential Peak of Bitcoin Bull Market in Early 2025

Known as TechDev, a popular crypto currency analyst recently shared his views on the potential duration of the Bitcoin (BTC) bull market that started a short while ago. According to the analyst, the gap shown between certain data points on a chart aligns with every Bitcoin peak and rally point historically, suggesting a possible timeframe for the current bull market.

Bitcoin May Reach Its Peak Between January and March of 2025

TechDev, while using a six-week chart, pointed out that the interval between blue and red dots, which represent certain market indicators, has consistently been 9-11 bars. Based on this analysis, he added that it is likely for Bitcoin to reach its peak between January and March of 2025, providing a potential timeline for the duration of the ongoing bull market.
To assess global liquidity, TechDev conducted an analysis comparing Chinese 10-year bonds (CN10Y) with the US dollar index (DXY). The analyst also examined global liquidity cycles by adjusting the metric against the total balance sheet of major central banks, which tracks the money printing activities of reserve banks worldwide.

The Super Bullish Trend Period Has Begun

Last week, TechDev implied that a strong bullish trend was about to start in the crypto currency market, based on past Bitcoin cycles. The analyst noted that Bitcoin has risen above the seven-week super trend that historically indicates significant bullish periods, referring to a super trend indicator that generates signals depending on whether the price breaks previous opening or closing levels within a certain period.
As of the latest data, BTC is trading at $66,109, down 0.95% in the last 24 hours. As the largest crypto currency by market value progresses through the bull market cycle, it continues to attract the attention of both investors and analysts.

TechDev’s analysis contributes to the ongoing discussions about Bitcoin’s price path and the potential duration of the current bull market. Although market predictions are subject to uncertainty and high volatility, the views presented by analysts like TechDev offer a valuable picture for investors navigating the crypto currency world.